Why I WILL Call My Kids Gifted. An Op Ed on an Op Ed.

Some pertinent thoughts on why you should be honest with your children if they are gifted.

Curious Kels

To understand the context for my post, you may wish to read the article I’m voicing a reply to:


I disagree, and I’m about to rant long windedly to explain exactly why that is. Enjoy 🙂

My first question:

Why are the two mutually exclusive?

In the article the writer says that she will not call her daughter gifted, because she wants her to learn to successfully fail. How on earth did these two things end up apart as the only option? They are not polar opposites, they do not sit on parallel lines, forever unable to come together. Why can’t you do both?

This is my experience, and opinion. As both a gifted adult, and the parent of gifted children aged 15, 13 and 3. My eldest attends an academically selective public school that he chose to try out for and that he adores. My 13 year old…

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