A finished first draft

Well. I’ve now got a completed story in my hands, courtesy of the fact that i printed it out, because i like the tactile thing of actually being able to hold it.

Something that i have always struggled with in my writing is finishing things. I have many stories that are in that almost done state, because i struggle terribly with finding a satisfactory ending or end point for them. Ideas i have by the truckload and for every one that i write down there are dozens that are still floating around in the aether that is my imagination.

This current story that i finished this morning. Actually finished, wrote it all the way to a point that it has a conclusion, is a story that i began last year during my (sort of) participation in NaNoWriMo. It coalesced together as a ball of different ideas and bits and pieces that i have had over the years and lined up wonderfully into a single entity. Clocking in at just over 8000 words it’s either a long short story or a short Novella, no idea and i don’t care all that much to be honest, because it’s finished!

The thing i find at the moment is that although it is incredibly satisfying to have actually finished the damn thing, it is also kind of an anti climax, because the practical side of my head basically says “You’re finished, now what?” and my head starts pushing forward into things like editing and second drafts and wondering about the how and what of doing something with once i get it to a point where i feel happy to try and put the thing out there into the wider world.

But, i am trying my best to just sit for the moment in the satisfaction that i have a story that i am happy with and enjoy this as a personal milestone.


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