Writing a bio for yourself is hard.

Seriously. I’ve now spent somewhere around 4 hours procrastinating and trying to come up with a “short biographical statement” that i am happy with. It is to accompany a submission to a literary magazine for them to use if they publish the story.
I find it hard enough at the best of times to write about myself directly. I do it indirectly through my stories all the time, there is quite a lot of me and my experiences spread throughout my work. But here i am now stumped for what is essentially a couple of sentences worth of copy after i have edited and revised a 9000 word story.

The trouble is that i am really critical of anything i come up with. It’s too boring, too wanky, too serious, trying too hard to be funny etc. I’m probably placing way more emphasis on it than i need to, but there is a part of my brain that is screaming out “this is how the world will know you!” and assigning it massive importance. Which is pretty much a trigger for crippling self doubt for any introvert.

How do other writers do it? Do they spend as much time obsessing over it as i have today?

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