America, please put down the guns.

America, please put down your guns. It’s making me despair for you. I am moved to write this after seeing my twitter feed light up in the last couple of hours¬† with news of more deaths of innocent people.

My heart goes out to the victims and their families and everyone in the surrounding web of people whose lives will have some tragedy  in it today.

As an outsider from another country here’s how it looks:
It looks like you have a sick fetish with gun violence that makes me fear for every single American that i know.

I love so many things that have come from you America, but you have a problem.
I dont know of anybody who wouldn’t think that any of it is less than a tragedy, but it is still happening.

Every time you talk about it, after every senseless death the same people seem to jump up and say that guns themselves aren’t the problem. They are right of course, and it goes much deeper than that. Why these things happen is a large and complex issue that you need to deal with.
However, guns are part if the problem and they are the tool that is used to create these tragedies. You have to start removing them, it’s that simple.

An arsonist isn’t dangerous purely because they have matches, but before you start working out why they light fires the first thing you do is to take away the matches.

It’s the same with guns. Its that simple.


4 comments on “America, please put down the guns.

  1. If it helps at all, there are lots and lots (and LOTS) of Americans who agree with you and want to see guns removed. I’m one of them.


    • That’s the crazy thing about it, I’ve spoken to and met plenty of sane Americans who think that way and i see so much from people wanting to change it. But, somehow nothing much seems to happen.


  2. I love this and that you’re not afraid to write it. I wrote a poem called Get The Guns (in my third collection Carry On Dancing) and some said I was simplifying it, but, no, I don’t think so. The guns are the problem. I also write about an incident where a boy shoots his brother Dear Brother in my fourth collection Three Spaces. Who knows in our words will make a difference but we must try.

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    • Thanks. It was one of those moments where it just spilled out of me. It has to be said and maybe it’ll make a difference if enough people say it.
      It’s true though. Guns are the pointy end of the problem, when guns are not so easy to get hold of the likelihood of someone single one on another person becomes less, because of the effort and forethought that has to go into it.


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