So, i watched Sicario

I don’t normally do movie reviews, but thought i might put my two cents out there after seeing Sicario at the movies tonight. Don’t worry, i’ll be brief.

Broad strokes. It was okay, but not great and it’s not a movie i’d go out of my way for. I could see the story it was trying to tell, but in the end it really lacked the emotional punch needed to make an impact (on me at least). The phrase “inch deep ocean” comes to mind. Big concept with no real depth.

The main problem i felt was that the script diluted itself by being unsure about exactly which story it was going to tell. The story of Kate the FBI agent and here experience with the war on drugs and the Mexican Cartels, or an ensemble piece. It dithered between them and so we didn’t get the focus on either that might have led the audience to being involved.

I also felt that Emily Blunt’s character was written as female so that she could be the emotional foil for the rest of the cast. You know, so all the guys could just be hard arses around her and she could do all the emotional stuff. Which i have issues with for a bunch of reasons.

There was also a LOT of tension building without particular purpose scattered throughout, which got kind of annoying.

Without the benefit of a giant screen and really loud stereo effects it would have been a lot less engaging than it was.

Final score for neatness 2 1/2 out of 5.


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