About Me

I’m a writer. An unpublished one so far, but someone once said “You’re a writer as soon as you decide you are one” so I’m going with that. I write fiction and I also have opinions and experience life. There’s no real theme for my postings other than it’s things that I’ve thought about or feel strongly about, or just wanted to share with whoever stumbles across this blog and chooses to read it.

Official 3rd person type Author bio:



TARQUIN CARLIN is a semi-nomadic writer from the east coast of Australia. He is also a musician and painter, but has not convinced anyone to call him a Renaissance Man yet. When not writing he cares for three small humans and some cats. He enjoys long walks on the beach and staring bleakly into the void.



One comment on “About Me

  1. romeorites says:

    Hey brother,

    Just dropping you a line to see if you are okay. I hope all is well. I noticed the other the week that you deleted your twitter, I asked about to see if anyone has heard from you but had no response. Was a bit worried so that’s why I’m leaving you a comment on your blog but it will mean that you will have my email if you ever need a chat. Much love dude

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